Reviews for "Animal Politics"


would it not make more sense, to show the world being hit by disaster after disaster. eartquakes, huricanes, tsunamis and diseases, is that not what the earth is doing right now. also i hope you are doing more then make a cartoon about a dieing earth, i hope you are in the field and changing the way you life.

i liked the graphics, i loved how you mixed real leaders with there animal counterparts. but you should point to overpopulation as a source of world problems, the problem is not the polution persee(not that i like factories, cars and mass-scale acriculture) but the huge amount of people everywhere, a lower amount off people will allow use to adept our way off live over a slower time.

but come one the bears coming out the woods, and trees growing through the pavement. keep to disasters and diseases created by world climate changes. also i would like to suggest a more socialist form off goverment, to effectively regulate resources.

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Hahaha Very Funny

My favourite animal was the american moose that looked like George W. Bush. I also got a kick out of the beaver from Canada and Japanese pelican from Japan. Overall on the animation I loved it and it was close enough to classic. Take care of the animals, before they take care if us.


I Agree with the last guy and the whole "the russain bear lead the attack...fuckin communists" im sorry but how fuckin dumb are you? the russians ARE NOT COMMUNISTS! holy shit! i dont know who that guy was but the last guy was right in putting you down...good movie


Your movie is just great dude. But some reviews of damn stupid people are even more funny. God I had to laugh for hours because of some stupid idiots and their completely stupid opinions and pseudo facts XD. Like "there is no global warming", "the ozonelayer is repairing itself >every summer<" and the very best was "how are the animals going to kill us?" muhahaha XD. Omg. I wonder how some Americans can still live without forgetting to breathe. Some shit in the head would be enough to see that THIS is just a >symbolic movie<, the nature is just represented by some animals. Go to school and learn how to understand stuff like that or just stfu haha. And than this guy with the Russians comment hahah XD. "Ehhh, it was the Russian bear who lead the whole thing, fuuukin communists". O-M-G XD. Im sure everything would be fine if it was the American gayass president, eh? It s a freaking fact that the USA makes the most pollution and the stupid presindent isn t going to do anything about it. Oh hell lol... I should stop now or I could die a laughingdead XD.

Was rather odd...

Like the way each country was represented, that was just funny! But nice presentation and message.