Reviews for "Animal Politics"

i got to say i liked the graphics of the video

the graphics in the video were pretty good it was alright but i like the message in closeing the best part was the graphics i found

Terry Pratchett References are Love

I think my favorite bits were the sad GW Buffalo and the reference to teh four elephants and the great A'Tuin. :3 Nice.


This was a great flash, it's really clear about what it's about.

Great job!

This was a really great flash with a really great message at the end. We're destroying our world, but there are some people out there trying to make a difference and it diffinetly isn't our government. It sucks that they didn't let you show this at the G8. Maybe it would have opened some eyes.


verry good flash. I liked the worldcounsel and the message. Don't worry, ppl are changing and so is our technologie but it won't happen in a snap. And if we change too late, nature (or ourselve) will finish us off (the warnings are allready there). That's the beauty of nature, it allways finds a way...