Reviews for "Animal Politics"

I have a philosohpy about this sort of thing...

Screw with nature as much as possible!


Good movie

Funny way of making a good point.

To the guy before me: "nature can always rebound"? That's ludicrous! The planet has evolved to what it is today over millions and millions of years. If we "kill everything" on this planet, the human species will die out too, and then life will have to rebuild over another ridiculously large amount of time.

The relationship between humans and nature should be a symbiotic one, where both benifit, but as it is now we are a parasite eating away at the natural resources of the planet, faster than any creature that has ever existed before. And for anyone who hasn't studied biology ever - when the host dies, so does the parasite.


I disagree with that statement, "take care of nature ...". Even if we manage to kill everything in this world (which is highly impossible), nature can always rebound.


i liked it and the meaning was good
but wat i liked most was busgh as a moose or watever he was

Too bad it wasn't shown to the leaders

Might have lightened the mood a bit.

The author pleads in favour of the Kyoto agreement, by appealing to our feelings. Not muc of an argument, but it does work well. It's just funny and cute (Chirac might not have been too thrilled by being depicted as a chicken though).

It's a nice movie and as always, environmental movies get a lot of heated responces here. Some of those are funnier than any movie that can be made on the subject. Lot's of people have argumented both sides, but I still like to take the opportunity to quickly reply to the person who said that global warming is bullshit, because it was warmer in the middle ages. Can you show a source for this? I've never seen acurate data from before 1400 (though I think there is some if you look carefully), only estimated averages. All my sources do confirm though that, unless our current models are very much off-scale (and judging by the weather reports, they aren't completely bad), 1998 was the hottest year in the past millenium.
I can provide a source; a joint paper by professors of the universities of Arizona, Massachusetts and Virginia. www<dot>ncdc.noaa.gov/paleo/ei/ei_reconsa.html
I assume the person is talking about the so called 'Medieval Warm Period', but if so, he (or she) should check her data properly; various studies give different results for that period, but the highest estimates put the peek temperature on par with the 1998 high. In the past 5 years, we already surpassed that. Other studies say the warm period was only marginally warmer than the rest of that era. If those studies are right, we've been at a maximum temperature range since the 1980's and we've only been climing since.

(to NG crew; sorry for including URL's, but they are on-topic and I didn't want false information to be spread through the reviews on this submission)