Reviews for "Animal Politics"

Great .. but ..

no preloader? :(
tats y i can only give it a 4/5
its irritating for ng users to have something load unexpectedly.. and loops itself..

aniway.. great film.. n i agree it should be shown at the g8 summit..
but i tot its a "WHACK BUSH" show.. but otherwise it came as more unexpected :)
great work neverthe less..but koizumi was normally shown as a lion instead. though he's really not

That's where we're going...

Global warming has start, and there's no way to stop it...Except for nature. WE MUST STOPPED!!

It should have been shown at G8

I think this film should have been shown at G8. Maybe it would have awakened the world leaders to the fact that the earth doesn't belong just to humans.0

finnaly something good..

scary to think it may happen (tho it can't)...
i agree, e must take care of nature, it's a beautifull and peacefull place, good for human and animals both.
if we won't be lazy go get up our asses and throw our garbage to the trash can while we're in the park, beach or even woods (we can take the trash with us, or burn it if u insist).
consider the nature as your home, u clean your house, so clean the nature to!
Mother nature isn't said for nothing if you get my point ;)


Hahahaha, that was fucking funny!
Never seen more bullshit then here in this movie!
Americans care about Enviroment(!!!!) Thats the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!
Americans dont give a fuck about anything that is related to this planet.
When I was in america, to visit my relatives, I'we gone shopping with some of my noname relative and she went in front of the store, and when she locked the car, she left the machine going, cos she wanted the aircondicioning to keep going so that when she returnes to the car, she has still a cold car inside. Cos she doesnt like sweating....
Well what else can i say,, and she was there for an hour shopping, and all the time the car kept going.Just for her fucking ass not to overwheat.(!!) So i guess she didint have a brain at all, or if she had it the air conditioning froze it, so it was no longer working.

But the whole America doesn't give a shit about Enviroment.
And you know why?
Because it is a fucked up Continent, and all people there are totall brainwashed.
God bless America... should rather be, God redeem America!

But the flash is great and very true.