Reviews for "Animal Politics"

Take care of Nature.

Before nature takes care of us. Morris, Bush was a buffalo of sorts, probably a water buffalo. And, to the dumb n00b who said nature can always rebound, I highly disagree with you. I know I sound like a gay treehugger, but... say you killed a mother bear. Where would her cubs go if they weren't weaned? Migerst: They'd die of starvation. Me: He's right. I think you morons who say that you shouldn't take care of nature and killl mother animals whose babies aren't weaned, and toss garbage anywhere are just stupid people with mush for brains. And to tell you the truth, I never knew that Bush had a heart. Now I'm proved wrong.
-Drago and Migerst
[P.S.: We are not treehuggers, but we love nature and care about it.]

You have the right idea my friend...

Not to be a Nazi or a weirdo or anything of the sort. But, the planet would be a lot better off without the human race even in existance, as shown in this video. I might be taking this the wrong way but I would gladly die for the sake of our planet so it could be safe for the rest of eternity. (and I know what your thinking. I'm not a tree-hugger they are just plain gay.)Seriously, wouldn't you die so Earth could be here forever and prosper? Think about it, seriously.

Example of truth getting smashed by pop-culture

Let me begin with the good. The animiation in this was great and the thought put into it was more than I usually expect from newgrounds. Its presentation and concept were well thought out. However, its premise is in dire need of some rethinking as explained below.
All through out this animation it shows the leaders of the G8 as the oligarchs of the polluting world (if you don't know what oligarch mean look it up and not in the Russian meaning of the word). The truth is its the developing world that’s pumping out the greenhouse gases like no tomorrow. The growth of the fledgling Asian industrial base is responsible for the high price of oil and the increase in greenhouse gases. Their infrastructure isn't as developed as that in the West and therefore they rely on less clean technologies. If the author took the time to look at both sides of the coin they might realize that Western corporations actually promote cleaner technologies in many places as a means of forcing out less advanced competitors. The G8 has no power over what China, India, and the rest of the newly industrialized countries do with their industry. Go protest rising equality among nations and higher standards of living in the Third World if you want to protest economic and industrial development.


This is a very funny and good movie!
UN leaders should watch this... Maybe...

Omg the pour animals ; ;

Seeing the world leaders as animals is really funny, But the thing that really appealed to me is the fact that people really need to start careing about the enviorment more, I mean, I know i proboly sound like some stupid tree hugger or something right now, but If people would just start doing more for the enviorment than so many animals wouldn't have to die due to abnormal causes.
Also, I like the fact you stated like , that the animals were gonna fight back. I don't really find that true, but, It does make sense in the fact that, how would we feel if every day a city got torn to shreads for there materials.
One main thing i don't like is the fact that people keep building more and more houses takeing up land that animals used to live on. Population of mankind is growing way to much, But that just proves that 12-17 year old sluts need to either stop haveing sex or learn how to read first, and than Buy birth controll.
>.<, Well i found the subjects the flash made stand out very good, and Keep makeing flashes man, your really good.
- Foxbnot