Reviews for "Animal Politics"

yeah, great, let's kill all mankind.......

-sigh- my response when someone says "all humans on the planet have to die." is "Commit suicide. That's one down." sorry to say, it's not going to happen.

and yeah, I get what you're saying, I don't mean that you want all humans dead yourself, you're saying that animals want us dead for polluting, as animals should. This has a good, unhateful message that has been repeated over and over and I think the powers that be finally get it.


your flash was pretty kewl. i glad that you made George Bush look stupider than usual. Then again, he can do that just fine himself. :P


Loved it all- great message, great animation, and funny- its a shame george didnt get to see himself bovineised.....well.... more bovineised than usual

Awesome :P

I loved the Discworld event :P

so thats why bears want to fight me

had to write one cos the last one was far too serious and deep. i think your message is a good one