Reviews for "Animal Politics"

Heheheh, Discworld.

That was nice, keep it up.

Yes!, Take care of the nature

Really great work, I have waited for a movie like this...
really true, we the humans are destroying all... not only the nature, we destroy ourself.
We have to understand.
Great work.

And now to the technical:
Great graphics and animations/effects
the sound was good too.

So true!

It is a very good movie, which really shows the point which it wants to show perfectly, I enjoyed watching it a lot. First of all, I really like the great graphics of this movie, the charecters and the background are really well drawn and they also match the style. Second of all, I like the fantastic style of this movie, it really shows the point in the right way. The directing was wonderful as well. Third of all, I really like the idea of this movie, I really like the point of it, it is really true. However, you must add a preloader to this movie, because it is stuck at the middle and you have to rewind it. Also add a "stop" command in the end, I hate to see it looped... Anyway, it is a wonderful movie, with a great true message, well done.


I'm giving it points for comedy for having W. in it, but I dunno if he'd be too hesitant to sign such a bill, either. Anywho, you should've included the part about global warming, with the polar ice caps melting and causing all kinds of natural disasters.

Am I the only one who remembers the news story (complete with satelite photos of the North Pole being more like a pool) the day before they retracted it like nothing ever happened? It's funny when the media says something, then the next day says they were mistaken and go on like they never reported about it in the first place. The animals would be the least likely to destroy mankind. Nature's wrath is definately the natural disasters. Sorry, this is meant to be a review, but I went off on a tangent. I guess that just shows how good the flash is, though. Certainly got a reaction out of me, and most other reviewers here.

Good Job

It's not all human's, it's mostly Americans who use up most of the world's natural resources, not to mention we have the most lacks enviromental standards out of the G8 countries. The president also took us out of several internation enviromental treaties and softened the Clean Air Act because it would hurt "industry." Don't get me started on what he does to people.