Reviews for "Mario : 2 sexy"

Not as good as it's supposed to be

Right now, when I reviewed, the movies standed at 4.14 with 4 votes. This is good, but it does not deserve this high of a rating..... plus, 5'ing your own work jinxes ya

Pissed-Sheep responds:

Firstly .. I also hate people who 5 there own work straight away ... 2ndly ... i DIDN'T 5 my own work straight away ... u said it stood at 4.14 with 4 votes when u saw it .. but where does THAT say i fived it ???... did u ever come to think people liked it and gave it high votes ... ?

Hell yeah!

NICE MARIO YECK! MUHAHAHAHHA! (cough) ....good movie hope too see more work from ya