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Reviews for "Corner Hag"


the drawings were cool but every tihing else sucked

zenkigen responds:

Yeah, the drawings were cool.. but everything else sucked. The average person doesnt attempt to hang out with sociopath homeless people who survive off of other people's waste.. nor do they want to listen to their strange ramblings. Most find that this sucks. However reality is ugly. And this is the story of a corner hag. And its boring, pathetic, and cannot be captured by the logical mind quite as easily as you would like it to.

i can't tell...

I have no idea what was going on... cause the voices are really in... oh... wait.. .you know that, huh?

zenkigen responds:

Yeah you cant tell whats going on because you are observing typical hobo behavior... and most of the time it makes no sense. You cant understand them... and if you try to use logic in a world of magicians you get bogged down in a horrible state of separation. The voices were intended to be hardly intelligable, but just hints of understanding. All in all this is just my first production, and lacks majorly... I hope to put out higher quality.

Nice graphics and style,

Ha, Robot Hobos. Who would have though? Good submission.

zenkigen responds:

Thanks... Robot hobos... the idea came from the fact that I cant record my voice yet. I use the text to speech software, throw in some graffiti... and next thing I know im reflecting what I have seen on the streets most often... and that is wacko madmen hobos.... who like my speech audio, You cant understand, make no sense, yet try to express some grand vision to you.

Really Nice Work.

I really like your style and your graphics as well. you should make a serious series with this. All these parodies are starting to bore me. Nice Job.

zenkigen responds:

thanks, I dont think this one is going to go anywhere... I dont know where I am going with the next cartoon... The reason I went with the bots is because I really havent had the chance to learn my multitrack equipment to record voices, and am not part of any voice guild yet.... thanks for the props though, its inspiring... and I will do more flash...as this is my first 'serious' one.

strange, but good.

this movie is so strange, but it proves that comendy is not a requsite around here. music and sound drives the flash, not story and humor.

zenkigen responds:

This is more of a philosophical expression. "funk" the main character meets a dead robot... and expresses how death is swift, and that only can he learn how to die himself in order to cope. Meeting the second character he walks away, not wishing to play with the game player ... the insane robot ... who whispers about his arms missing and others trying to enter his form. The 3rd is the average man, who cannot understand funk's perspective, but is willing to talk to the hobo.... how would you have understood this by watching the flash? its nearly impossible, because you cant understand a damn thing thats said, and my intention was that way. This all in all was an experiment, and this review is just an attempt to give substance to something that lacks substance all together.