Reviews for "Slowloft©"

Makes you think....

Isn't it odd that you see advertizements on TV and in magazines for medications you can only get by presciption?

CirrusEpix responds:

ding ding! we have a winner!

funny as hell

that was hilarious, you have a great sense of humor, i liked the fact that it just went on, keep up the good work

Awesome, awesome, awesome

I loved this submission, it was funny, the voices were good ( which is starting to get rare) and using the Zoloft..uh, circle thing? lol made it so much better ^^

Great Flash

But certainly not the best of all time, how did that happen?

that was uber sweet!

frickin hilarious! goin in my list o faves! i typically hate narrated flash but apparently you know how to properly speak into a mic. good for you! woot!