Reviews for "Slowloft©"


Wow, Quite impressive - This is a "Must see"


I suffer from moderate depression! and when my doctor said i should take that drug, i said, fuck you! i dont need pills to make me happy! all i need is the freinds inside my head. BIG MISTAKE now im on my way to being declared insane. the moral to my story: act crazy, and the government will label you dangerous and reserve you a nice little cozy white room.


ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *cough cough* scues me LOL I really really loved it... whatever you do please make more!! this is one of the best spoofs ive seen!! REALLY!! =D it really made me smile!! an laugh!! hehe =D keep up the good work!!


This is great. :D It made me laugh, & at the same time I could relate because I have many friends on that sort of depression medication. Excellent job man, I hope you make more like this :)


that was so funny
i loved it
it made me laugh so hard i crapped myself
now if you'll exuse me i have to go throw these pants away
and get new ones