Reviews for "Slowloft©"


Just like on tv.
Im black 2
What they said about America is right


Very well done! I loved the entire thing esspecially the mufin part....once agian fantastic work,keep it up. Take care.


That was so fucking funny. I'm sure the neighbors are pissed from me laughing so damn loud.
"God bless America!" -HAHAHA!!!!

It was Good but...

.. I dont Agree With Your Critisizm but i know that those medicane help out with those people what gets them to commit suicide is that they tghink "Im A total Fucking wreck i need medicane to function " and yes i do know what its like to have MDD(major depresion disorder) because i have it along With ADHD and well i never thought of commiting suicide because i know that even that medicane doesnt control me and i dont need it it helps but doesnt cure or take over and i can only make it work if i make my self think depressing things i get depressed when on medecane but those people need to learn how to take control of themselves...

i love it cause its true

its just friggin hilariopus. now excuse me, i need to take my pill