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a very good lesson

in response to the review below mine, I think the answer is yes, we all can be happy. And drugs are not the answer. If drugs made us happy, why shouldn't we all just go get high? The truth is, they will hurt you just as much or more than they hurt everyone around you. People need to learn to stick up for themselves and take care of themselves. That's how they can be happy. And that means take good care of your kids!!! Don't let them grow up not knowing how to take care of themselves!!!

This is a great animation, entertaining as well as teaching a great lesson. And I feel the approach taken was great as well. Many people think that such satire is a bad influence on people's minds, but I feel just the opposite. People need to learn that things don't always go how you want them to, the bad people do win sometimes. Those happy feely goody-goody shows on television are what I wouldn't want my kids watching. It gives a messed up idea of reality that is so close to the truth at first glance that it can confuse them and leave them vulnerable. But many of those 'bad' shows (not all of them, mind you) actually portray lessons in a real-life way, with consequences happening as they really would in life. That's what I want my kids to see. I want them to see that the bad guy does win sometimes, so they don't feel like superman when they meet a bad guy in their life. I want my kids to realize what will really happen when they do things.

Of course, I'm not relying on TV to teach my kids...but it would be nice if I didn't have to worry about the television working against my efforts.

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Little Bear *gaah*

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good points! thanks


lol rofl idk wtf that was but i luved it. all my 10 man. funny and....well....FUNNY. :P



A perfect parody and an ending that fits america.

You started out with something that may not have been all that funny but you made it great! The graphics reminded me just of the zoloft commercials. It was funny all the way. "I'm black. I'm never happy in this rasist, stereotyped world." HAHAHA. The madness scene was pretty good. I think that that looked better than the actual madness movies. And the ending made me laugh hard. But yep. Thats good old america! Good job!

That Was Amazing!!

Thats The Single Greatest Film (Thats Not Part Of A Series) That I Have Ever Seen. I Want To Give You An 11/10 So Badly. Well You Get 10/10 And A 5/5 Awesome Work!