Reviews for "Slowloft©"


That was great! YAY FOR MUFFINS!

This is

The funniest,The Nicest,The Realist,The Coolest and The Truest
Animation on earth!! god bless you creator..
i just set down for 5 min and laughed the shit out of me..

i love you..

LOL!!!! ROFL!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!! OMFG LOL!!

pretty good. but to be honest

I don't think it's the top movie on newgrounds. No offense, i thought it was great.. but everyone's opinions are different. Who'd you get to do the voice? it went perfect with this.

CirrusEpix responds:

don't worry, reality will soon return, and brackenwood will be #1 again


very hilarious the whole way through. A parody that newgrounds needs more of, thanks for submitting it!

Dark Satire

Dark satire, but oh so true!