Reviews for "Slowloft©"

Fantastic entry!

Ah, I'm relieved to finally see some great flash! Keep up the great work!

LMAO!!! that was great

That was Funny as hell i hate thoughs Zolof comercals make me depressed.... BUT ThAT WAS AWOSME LOLZ!!! make more

I really dont have anything to say but...

Perfect just perfect...we dont really need to say whats wrong with you animation, because It is just brilliant, yes, you did touch a very sensitive subject, but, the hell with it! It's about time we stop crying about offensive material (in this case it wasnt) Great stuff!!! We want more, we want more!

Can't Fault

I can't fault this at all fantastic use of sound and graphics. I love the theme it tells the truth yet make us laugh. The world is a strange place you showed that!!!

This is so amazingly true

It is unbelievable the cases that wind up in courts these days. Forget Doug, God bless you.