Reviews for "Slowloft©"

Salvation is just one pill away?

The message is funny and wity at the same time, however, I didnt get the total message.... are you saying drugs (perscription) are bad and good at the same time? Sure the pharmasutical companies are raking in billions each year but do their drugs cure anything? What are you saying?

very slow.

there dosen't happen much, all he does is going to the internet, could have been better.

Tiresome uninformed opinions in a pretty package

The animation was stylish and appealing, but the narration was uneven. Bunch of cliches, mostly, and you clearly know little or nothing about how ssri's are supposed to work or what they're actually supposed to do. Probably just the pharma grad student in me talking, but this seems like the work of a person who's frustrated because zoloft didn't work for them. A dull and derivative cartoon, but I can see why other people would like it.

How original

Wow, real breaking ground here, an anti-drug campaign. Your creativity astounds me.
'Suffering of others'? You ever consider the people that these drugs actually help? 'Cause believe me, there are a HELL of a lot of them.
Why not make a movie about that, for a change?

That was disgusting

Ive been on cilitophragm for about a year now and although it didn't "cure" my depression it did make it easier for me to deal with pain. You should really not joke about things that are out of ones control, like anything medical related, unless you are the one suffering with the condition and joking about it makes you more comfortable. But this isn't your case, jackass...