Reviews for "Slowloft©"


It wasn't that good especially considiring that MAD TV already did a parody of Zoloft except using ecstasy. That thing with the black was just stupid and so was the Madness Interactive thing.

Just my POV

This is good, you put effort into it and i can see it was to get
your view across however this didn't really appeal to me, maybe
next time make the people speak *with there mouths* instead of a


i dig the music, especially at the credits. but the message behind this is really out there.

props to you for delivering this controversial flash with good humor. zoloft is overprescribed, sure. but some people need anti-depressants as a preventative measure against suicidal attempts and such as. it's not really fair to say that that kind of deep sadness can be cured with a damn muffin.

i gave you a low overall because i didn't really like your style; i found it kind of offensive. i'm on zoloft and it does help a little. it's more of a step in the right direction than a solution to the hardships of life. depression is a biological state of mind that can be physically altered by balancing out hormone levels. in that respect, antidepressants can be just the thing somebody needs.


would be nice if you had a loading bar...

Salvation is just one pill away?

The message is funny and wity at the same time, however, I didnt get the total message.... are you saying drugs (perscription) are bad and good at the same time? Sure the pharmasutical companies are raking in billions each year but do their drugs cure anything? What are you saying?