Reviews for "Slowloft©"

I take zoloft

i take 50mg zoloft a day since 3months and it is helping me good.

Great Animation, Unfocused Ideas

I felt I had to comment. Like a lot of people have said because it's true, the animation and style are very nice. Unfortunately, whatever ideas you seem to be grasping for are unfinished. You say that you dedicate your film to "those who suffer," but you also blame pay-to-play doctors. Are people actually sick or is it all some evil corporate societal construction? It just all seems like the work of a talented but unfocused high schooler who sees injustice somewhere and doesn't quite have the skill set yet to describe it.

The answer, by the way, is that many people are sick, and some more are unnecessarily medicated.

Good graphics but...

Your doing about the wrong thing.People who have acctualy this will not really like this and maybe even offended,including me that is so i dont like it what you did.Think before act,cause people have these problems!



ummmm i was not happy umm *sniff* =) NOW I AM

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