Reviews for "Slowloft©"

Good but not Great...

im liking this entry buuuuuut number one spot? nope

Making this changed a lot.

Who are you, Tom Cruise?

I heart capitalism and all it's quirky inner workings.

CirrusEpix responds:

Heavens no. Scientologists scare me more than most cult groups.

Not Too bad, but starts kinda boring

Alright, at first I kinda rolled my eyes, but after that beginning part, it really seemed to get good. It's definitely something I'd look at again, but it needs to be edited for maximum entertainment.


A well done flash! Couldn't have done it any better myself.

It was good...

The only reason why I gave humor a 7 was because I didn't find the jokes amusing lol. It was still funny though.

Oh yah and also your style is great!