Reviews for "Slowloft©"

great toon :D

very snazzy, nice use of the zoloft...err...slowloft character. your voice was very soothing :D good script and animation and use of NG and madness. and muffins. ooh how i love muffins. anyways, very swell. very swell indeed.


I agree that there is really no reason for the drug companies making people suffer.

Thank You...

from one who suffers...or more aptly put, endures manic depression (and not medicated for over 20 yrs) thank you and kepp up the good work...it is thought provoking...and I enjoyed it.

God bless you Doug

Those little white blobs look familiar are they from somewhere? I really can't quite put my finger on it. Oh well GREAT JOB!

heck yes muffins!

LOL this was awesome. Muffins rock. Oh yeah I like the ending song, it's coolness.