Reviews for "Slowloft©"

Excellent work

Thgis was great. It had smooth animation, great style, fitting sound and music, and very good humor. Great job all around.

not the #1 of all time..

but i got a hearty chuckle from it.. i enjoy the vain attempts to fullfill the depressed void with porn and muffins. i particularly enjoyed the fact that the porn happened on more than one occasion. i suppose its becasue i can relate!

and i enjoy his expression regarding the muffins. fargen comedy!

Nice job.

Good. Very good. I loved it! It was so funny! You timed everything right, and all the music went together with the story. Nice job!


that was a very smart and funny flash i enjoyed it alot keep up the good work also awesome music at the end sweet job!


Lol "do u have any muffins?" "no, we do not"