Reviews for "Slowloft©"

*googles I'm not happy* .......O_O

"Then doug realized something that made people very happy....MUFFINS!" *skip* "Doug: NO MUFFINS!?" *gunshots*
All hail the legal system. this flash is fantastic, its about time someone made an original spoof and not something that has been done 5000000 times, This was both original and humurous. Great Job!


Hooray for the legal system, go Doug!

Probably the best...

That I've seen in a long time when it comes to making fun of the drug companies and what not. This is good, unique and hilarious and capturing the other side of this issue as well. Nice job!

One of teh greates flashes ever

This was a great flash. I like the aprt where he does liek the matrix and kills all the oterh guys out. Good flash keep the good work up

Funny as he||

Funny with a happy ending
Yay the american legal system
Well maybe not all the time