Reviews for "Slowloft©"


This was hilarious! I kept on cracking up throughout the whole thing! very nice!

So cute & funny, i loved it!!

This is definatly one of my favorite cartoons on newgrounds! You did an amazing job making little 'Doug' look and act just like the real zoloft blob does with a funny twist! :) Keep it UP!!

The bouncing ball defeating the pill!

I've just seen this flash, so it think I'm a little late.

This was the perfect combination between comedy, and hate for the big comapanies. I really loved it.

But how can a funny bouncing ball of some sort of liquid, be sad?

this is what inspired me to create an account

this was an excellent flash, there's barely any other way to describe it. It will make you laugh, guaranteed. watch this movie!

Laff owt lowd.

It really was hilarious, especially "Anal bleeding again? Oh, bob." I Fell over laughing. Awesome, original Idea!