Reviews for "Slowloft©"

great toon :D

very snazzy, nice use of the zoloft...err...slowloft character. your voice was very soothing :D good script and animation and use of NG and madness. and muffins. ooh how i love muffins. anyways, very swell. very swell indeed.

if you are down,

have a muffin. that'll make everything ok. i liked the anger scene with the clerk, i couldn't stop laughing about that. also the shooting scene was done pretty good. you should make more like this.


Kick ass, hope this makes the top page. Definatly worthy.

A bit on the dopey side.....

Yea, I have no problem with the whole "societal commentary" thing, and it did have a lil humor to it, but I sure hope those aren't you real views on the world. Because it came off a lil sad, preachy and definately divorced from reality. But the style was good and the graphics were anice parody of Zoloft.


I really enjoyed this. If it didn't have so many porn references, I would show it to my coworkers at the pharmacy! Keep up the good work, guy.