Reviews for "Slowloft©"

but Tom Cruise says

that psychiatry is evil. And that we don't know psychiatry, but he does!

CirrusEpix responds:

Good point. But I am neither a Scientologist or Church of Christ the Scientist member. Just a normal person who likes drugs, just not their multi-million dollar marketing campaigns.

Blob love!

I loved this. Blob fight scene was rather eerily realistic, yet hilariously funny. The graphics were well detailed, your transitions and scenes were engaging and you crushed the pharma companies. Rock, rock on man. I love you.

Great movie

Really nice job, I give you propz.

Great social commentary

I really enjoyed this social commentary piece. It was funny, and artfully done, and with good taste. Props!

CirrusEpix responds:

Thanks. You'll find that most of my films are artful, yet meaningful. Its a thing with me...


It´s hard to find in newgrounds... or anywere something so funny, cynical and yet compromised. I just finished med school and want to become a psychiatrist and I know the way doctors give away pills to people who really don´t need them because of the pressure of the laboratorys...