Reviews for "Slowloft©"

LMAO!!! that was great

That was Funny as hell i hate thoughs Zolof comercals make me depressed.... BUT ThAT WAS AWOSME LOLZ!!! make more


Well done! A parody of drugs, drug manufacturers & those on the drugs; I saw this as a parody of the whole "take a pill & it'll all be ok" attitude that seems to permeate America these days. And I thought the "Madness" bit was hysterical! Good job!!

I can relate to Doug

I took Zoloft for quite awhile after I realized nothing else was working just short of tranquilizers and it did help. for a short while. Then it starts fuckin with your libido and you get mood swings and if you already suicidal at all, don take it!! It makes all that shit 10 times worse! there are people who have died because of that stuff and I am sitting on a half year supply that I have no use for and I already paid for. Thanks "Better Living Through" chemistry America, where everyone has to be doped up and fat to be happy. Im just glad that Im alive now and that I didnt kill that guy. >=(
I damn near did.

CirrusEpix responds:

I am so sorry for you and can relate. Drugs do have a place and sometimes help, but I am so against multi-million dollar marketing campaigns that make people think they NEED such powerful drugs.

Darn child prof lids!

Its funny because its true. People think that just because they are depressed, over anxious or have an overactive blader that they need a pill. When all they really need is a health porn addiction ...or World of Warcraft. There pretty much the same.

Anyway, great flash. Good graphics with smooth animation, nice voice acting and pretty funny. All in all a solid flash.

Fantastic entry!

Ah, I'm relieved to finally see some great flash! Keep up the great work!