Reviews for "Slowloft©"


that rocked, nice flash and it wasnt stupid, i liked

Heh heh

The drawings in this flash was very nice. The sound, good voice acting for the characters. Nice sound effects used in this flash and the music wasn't bad. This story was interesting with Doug not being happy. In this story, there were funny parts in it like the madness part, the porno, muffins and attacking the shop assistant. XD Heh, good flash and nice work.

How can I not love a bash at drug-shilling docs?

An admirable parody, complete with the requisite tinkling music on the soundtrack. And then, of course, there's a much-appreciated Madness reference.

In short, very nice.

Ha Ha Ha

Sir I salute you and your wonderful flash that makes fun of Zoloft! Your style was awesome!


That was hell funny! Nice work. Well presented and great humor. I think you got a talent right there! Make more.