Reviews for "Slowloft©"

So true... so true...

It's a sad day when an artist on a website has more common sense, getting paid nothing to publish his art, than all of the doctors and physicans in this country.

And the part about suing to get money because a doctor did not perscribe a drug that the paitent requested is not only the saddest/funniest thing in this cartoon, it's also got the most truth to it.

America. How you have failed the people this bad without a revolution yet, is amazing.

CirrusEpix responds:

There are many levels involved here. I'm supprised no one yet has mentioned anything as to why there are never any ethnic/black people in depression comercials.


Lmfao, that was awesome man, watched it 2 times over just to laugh my ass off again. Great job man.

What a wonderous tale.

Since I suffer from a lack of muffins I enjoyed this greatly. The comedy is sharp and full of wit. I believe your true statement is quite clear, muffins should never be out of stock.

CirrusEpix responds:

I hope LegendaryFrog approves of the whole muffin thing...


Yes, yes, and yes. Too many American s rely on that next anti-depressant drug to make them better without realizing that their unhappiness stems from the capitalist material oppression that we are brainwashed with from the idiot box!

..oh, wait, was that what you meant to say?

have i ever told you i'm the muffin man?

that was awsome, i liked how you did the madness thing. i want 4.9 billion dollars too :(