Reviews for "Slowloft©"

Sad but true...

I have to agree with you about drug companies and what they will resort to in the name of thier product.
Great flash by the way.

Wasnt sure what that was about, really.

not too sure if that was serious. It seemed it. Does the writer have issues he needs to air? It was a good toon though.

On the money

You are totally right. Those bastards use what I consider to be a type of psychological warfare to get you to buy their product. They make you feel inadequite or flawed because you don't use their product. Or, they attempt to convince you that hope is, like you said, just a pill away.
To all those who watch this and read my review: DO NOT BUY OUT! The drug might be able to help you, but keep in mind that you are surrendering to a company that cares nothing for you at all. To them, you are just a money pool. Keep that in mind.

lol this is funny

it was funny but it could be funnier

Yeah man

Dude so true, kinda funny and made a good point.

true about the corporate america propaghanda bullshit the medical companies use in marketing