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Reviews for "Industrial Cavern"


Samples are fitting for industrial, but.. It just sounds like it's your first time trying them. First 30 seconds sounds cool, but after all you just repeat the same beat. Bass is great, but I think that melody vts thingy you used ruins the whole thing.

It reminds me from disney where the seven dwarfs starts to knock and slap pots and dishes hanging nearby in snow white's house except they're in some sort of indian haremhouse where snakes pops out from every pot after hearing the violin.. thats what that tune makes me feel.

So what I'm trying to say it doesn't fit for cavern :D
Put some more distortion and bass within, and change the sound of melody bit darker.. It would somehow save this track!

PuffballsUnited responds:

Hmm. That's good advice. Not really sure what you mean by samples, but it probably was my first time using them :P.


The title implies exactly what the song feels like, and very literally industrial. Very impressive and creative. Personally I really like the feel from this song (I'm a fan of all things remotely steam-punk), and I'm adding this to my favourites right away.

PuffballsUnited responds:

Thanks! :D

True industrial sounds!

A great track! I love the way that you're making most of this track with the backing of real industrial tools and the sounds from factories etc. The hisses of steam or pneumatic presses were brilliant and I'd love to hear more of your work in the Industrial genre.

I think that this is a nice little tune that works well with the fact that it starts slowly and gradually works its way up through the speeds, getting towards something that is workable with, as opposed to going for the fastest that you can achieve.

When you get to the highest tempo of the track, perhaps throw a solo in there, so that it breaks the track up a little - perhaps some noises of engines firing, or something similar - perhaps indicative of part of a construction, or industrial process that has reached conclusion.

[Review Request Club]

PuffballsUnited responds:

I don't think this song would have been as good if the tempo was too fast. Thanks for the review!

I see why it's one of your best songs.

This is a perfect song for what you were aiming for, and sounds great.

The melodies sound really awesome and fit very well with the song, and although there's only one real melody playing over here, this didn't get too repetitive. Loved the instruments over here, they sound very industrial, especially the one playing the background melody which sounds trumpet-ish and the bells were excellent too, and gave a mystical feel to the already awesome mechanical feel of the song.

The transitions here are excellent, but what made them so good were the loads of tempo-changes you did here. They fit a lot with the factory suddenly starting up/shutting down. I liked the transition at around 2 minutes into the song, as the other reviewers said, it seemed like the song stopped, but luckily it didn't. The structure is amazing too, and the variety is great, just getting a little repetitive sometimes. Extraordinary buildups too. I really liked the intro with that effect, and the main drum beat started up really well and I quickly caught its rythm. I see what you were going for in the ending, and you did a good job on it, it sounds a lot like the factory's stopping. I still think you should've continued the bells' melody some more though, and then you end it with a proper ending note, or you could try and loop it, because as you said, it could be in a game after all.

There weren't any drums over here, and they're definitely not needed. All of the amazing factory sound effects served as great percussion, and had a catchy beat to them, even for just sound effects. I liked the sound effect you used at the beginning, too. What I'm just hoping for is more variety of effects, and different beats, because, by making more beats with more effects, you'd have fixed the 'a bit repetitive' problem that Haggard mentioned. Still, the repetitiveness of the effects isn't really such a big problem when they have such an amazing and catchy beat to them.

Honestly, Industrial never sounded so good. This'll make a great soundtrack in a game, and my only complaints are the repetitiveness of the beat and the ending needing to be a bit longer and more gradual. Other than that, great job, and definitely keep it up!
Sorry, no download. Industrial isn't my genre :P.

-Review Request Club-

PuffballsUnited responds:

Whoa! Thanks for the intense review! I know what you mean by thew beats getting repetitive and I'll keep that in mind for next time.

I really like the tune

I think this would be a wonderful soundtrack for a cavern themed level in a game. So if you do ever make that game please tell me. Anyway I liked this song very much. I liked how it started out simple. With sound effects. Then the bass effect faded in nicely. The bass synth melody was abosoultely stunning and I hope that you use it in more songs. So i really enjoyed this song because it had a polished beat and catchy tune. Plus a great variety of sound effects and instruments. And I love how two minutes through the song it makes you think that the song is over. But I'm glad it didn't end that quickly. :)

PuffballsUnited responds:

Yeah, I wanted to add the slow creepy feeling with the bells which is why I made it slow down. Thanks for the review!