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Reviews for "Trick or Toad"

not bad

I was just wondering, when does the scream head pop out? Just randomly or when U reach a certain point? Just wondering, pretty good, but theres getting to be a bit to much random pop up things, that were completly expceted. Lol.

Denvish responds:

Certain point, but only on first playthrough


thats about it just really really cool !!!


that was so cool im crapping myself at the moment....


It was fun to play but i suck. I don't know if there is sound in game b/c my parents are sleeping still and i can't turn on the freakin' speakers

Poor children...

Good game, though the graphics could have been better. The amount of lives was pretty high in my oppinion, and that special screen freaked me out, almost forgot how to control the witch...

(And something against the pumpkins would be nice.)