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Reviews for "Trick or Toad"


Now that I've scared everyone away: Not exactly original - really, I'm entirely sick of the 'scream' gag after years of it - but still fun to play! For once, I WASN'T expecting it because I was having a little fun with an easy game. And at least the picture was cool this time!

LOL...nice try

lol wow that was great actually i didnt get scared at all. instead i just thought it was the end of the level lol. maybe if u had a more scary face and a louder scream at the end i would of had a better response but hey i bet you got some people out there

That was great!

I dont care what everyone else says, thats in the spirit of halloween right there. Great game! Love the Twist! Good Work.

Nice, but one thing

To all those faggots saying "The startle response is dangerous to those with weak hearts (wah wah wah)" I have this to say:
ARE YOU RETARDED!? Has anyone had a heart atack from this game yet!? Im sure that this game is gonna kill one of the 80 year old men with weak hearts that constently play on NEWGROUNDS!

Reply to my responce :D

I declare thee a good game

It was very good, what else can i say it was a great game and quite original