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Reviews for "Trick or Toad"


that was the funniest most unexpected thing that i have EVER seen in my life.


its very similair to the classic game
concept of submarine, but with a halloween
twist on it instead. the entertainment is
simple and becomes repititive after awhile,
but its effective none the less; nicely done!
score: **

Very Awesome.

There's not one thing I can say about this game that is on the negative side. I think everything about it was perfect. The surprises were nice, for starters. It was quite the challenge, which always helps a game. The concept of the game and style was definitely appropriate for this time of year, and I think your music selections for this game were awesome, especially the intro. ;)

The online top fifty scoreboard just makes me want to play the game even more. Nice work, Denvish.

The parametics are on their way

Since I had heart failure, I am bearly able to finish this review. It was not the most creative thing I have ever seen but clever you put in a scary sheek to go with the scream face. Good job. Now everyone that plays can't fathom a rating within a decent time frame because they are in the midst of resusitation. So much for my lack of migraine.


dood, what the hell? i was havin a good time turnin them little munchkins into toads and the, wammm! the scream thing just flashs on to the screen. my heart almost stopped. i hate when things pop out at me, DAMN IT! besides almost killing me, u did a good job, fun game, perfect for halloween but dood, never again. keep it up man!
(btw, i gave it a 0 for sound cause it had the sound off, which is kinda unfair but i read the other reviews and im happy i didnt have it on. thanks for readin this!)