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Reviews for "Trick or Toad"

Ha, didn't get me!

Sound gets a 0, cause I was playing with speakers off, which is also why this thing didn't scare me. The game itself got boring quickly. It seems so easy that anyone with a lot of time to waste would get in the top 50.


riggggggghttttttttttt... gameplay? what gameplay? oooh the super dupersuper dupersuper dupersuper duper repetitive one oooohh... by the way the scaring is why i put this 1 in ur review,halloweens all about it ^_^.

I take my hat off to you sir :D

Very nice, Very Nice indeed, the screem mask came at the best time, just as i was getting into the game so well done, also anyone who says this should have a warning are fools, 90% of the games or movies on newgrounds have flashes or whatever and i doubt, as said before, that anyone but and 80 year old granny who actually uses Newgrounds would Die from that, Well Done Man



It was rather pathetic compared to your other games.
If there was more you could do then like power ups or something.
But apart from that it did pass some time.