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Reviews for "Trick or Toad"

its a prank

its one of those trap games that screams and shows a pic or a monster...dont play it

Denvish responds:

It's a REAL GAME that happens to have a shock screen in it (in keeping with the Halloween thing...?). And it deserves better than 0's across the board.

This was the most boring game ever!

Don't waste your time on this game, its boring. There is a lot of good games on newgrounds, but this is not one of them.

Denvish responds:

1? for Interactivity????

Great stuff

The game is not as addictive as some of your other games, but creating an addictive game is a kind of gamble anyway. The controls were easy and everything seemed to flow well. I cant even tell the difference between real drawings and your API any more. Your getting crazy good at it. It was API was it not?

Great job. And you scared the shit out of me with the face.

Denvish responds:

Heh. No, it's not API this time, it possibly could have been, but I wanted to get this out for Halloween and drawing everything in API takes too long.


*dies from being scared to freggen hell*

Denvish responds:


I was doing good and

HOLY SHIT you got me LOL

Denvish responds: