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Reviews for "Trick or Toad"

great game

lol sound was off for me...heh but it would have scared me. I liked ur defend ur inglor alot and just wanted to say i wish u made a game like that with unlimited upgrades and unlimited levels just increasing difficulty as u go on. (back to this game) great game and power ups would be a nice addition things that make u invincible or faster rdropping or candy, shrinkify, extra life, slow time, shield, pumpkins start singing,....yeah...k

Denvish responds:

Yeah, both DYI and this had time limits on them, so I didn't get to put as much into them as I would if I'd spent a couple of weeks making them


Yeah, that got me pretty good :-P

Denvish responds:



good game but i got lucky and left sound off :p

Denvish responds:


I've seen better

Not even scary. Sorry but i've seen too many of those things. Good game though

Denvish responds:

....I shat my pants...

good game

hhahaha great game, oh, and to the jackass before me - way to ruin it. jackass.

Denvish responds:

Too many jackasses, not enough time (to shoot them all)