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Reviews for "Trick or Toad"


OMFG!!!! u mutha **** u freakin scurrd meh LOL .....so keep up da good work

You Bastard!

You really fucked me up with that little Scream tid-bit, you asshole! HAHA, Nice job!

Pretty good

You got extra marks for festive spirit, but I thought the music got really annoying and the game was a) too easy, and b) there wasn't enough you could do. It got lame fast. Anyways, a fun little 2 minute game.


that was friking great nice work and i agree cat that was scary but screamer wwas ehhh ncie cover up 5 4 shure

!!!***** ha ha

dude that scared the crap out of me hahaha i finally had to register for ng for this ha ha so first post nice game i love it i showed it to my lil brother and he accualy pissed is f***ing pants lmfao!!!!!!! love the grapics its those kind that i love thats why i love really old game plain and simple :)