Reviews for "A card"

Im impressed

That has to be one of the more artistic flashes about, sure some of it didn't make sense but thats partly what makes it so cool. I would like to see some more of your work in the future.

I really like this!

Very nice noir approach. I love the animation and he way that you told the story without words. Keep that up. My only suggestion is that you add a little sound. Like when the woman knocks on the door or brings out the card. Something like this. Solid effort. I hope this succeeds.


i liked this more than "the bench", maybe because its much more narrative. also the settings were worked on and fleshed out more, so much so that the moon and trees almost become characters themselves. the old woman's role was a little confusing until the end, but the other two stops she made are still unclear, or how the first card worked. but despite that, it was still visually interesting and i liked it ok

I liked it

I rather liked this, it didn't make much sence to me, but I liked it. But you could have made the hand, that hand been cut off the tree, go into the socket better. But aside from that it was really good, it actually kept my attension and I watched the whole thing so good job.

---Artistic, stylish, and creepy---

But it ends too soon. Just as you start to get into it, it's over!