Reviews for "A card"


wow man. This will teach me not to sterotype. I though she was up to something bad, and she was bringing life to a boy.
very good lesson you taught.


I don't quite understand this, but I think I have the basic idea. It was a fascinating movie. The graphics were somewhat haunting, and went along well with the music. The movie had a sort of mystical quality to it, which I enjoyed. Nice work.

Very interesting, i really enjoyed it.

It's not often that an animation comes along that keeps me interested as this one did. i enjoyed it very much. I really liked your drawing style and the mystery of the story, i will certainly be looking out for future animations by you! Thank you for making it.

I really like this!

Very nice noir approach. I love the animation and he way that you told the story without words. Keep that up. My only suggestion is that you add a little sound. Like when the woman knocks on the door or brings out the card. Something like this. Solid effort. I hope this succeeds.


You caught me by surprise, this actually looks good. The animation was very well done. The sound could have been a bit better. Good job.