Reviews for "Dr. Shroud in: BITB Pt. 2"

un-freakin believable

Omfg is all i can say about that, this is a great flash

You should be able to rate 1000 for this

This was one of the greatest flashes ever. The graphics were amazing. The whole silent movie parts were great. The way you made his daughter dissappear was funny. "Look there's some flowers over here" lol. Great job. Can't wait for the third one.


The animation jumped off the screen and the story,SFX, and voices were Just as well done.
are you planning to make more episodes before the DVD release?
Also I would like to no how much it will cost cuz i'm a little low on the cash flow these days yahmean.
anyway keep up the great work I hope this makes front page.


robfeldman responds:

Thanks, man. The DVD is available now with the archived episodes. I plan on making a bunch more, in addition to the ten I've done thus far. Check out the Collections page to see the Dr. Shroud series.

Thanks again.


good 'old movie' type scenes

you also did a good job with the lip syncing. can't wait for the next one.

nice take on old films

You even added fake scratches, period music, and the black and white sets the mood perfectly.