Reviews for "Dr. Shroud in: BITB Pt. 2"

Its alright

Its good decent story line good animation but the only problem is when he ran to the capsle thing he strate leged usualy when you see someone run thier legs bend.But other than that good movie I give it a thums up.

This movie was too long

I liked the concept of this movie however it was too long and not interesting. I loved the gfx i wash all movies could be this intense. Perhaps in the sequal speed it up a bit i.e. more action perhaps even a subtle joke wouldnt go a miss.

my kind of doctor :D

Officer Finch rulez! :D

But it's disturbing how similiar your doctor is to the Half Life one. You could have used a little more fantasy than just his bad ass expression in the face all the time. And find a smoother way for the characters to walk.
But overall it's an interesting story that makes ya wanna watch the whole bit. And that is more important than graphics in my opinion!

I'll wait for the last part with excitement :D


a movie in best pape_cuts style....


the graphics is the best i've seen so far in newgrounds.. and i also like those black and white sequences.. next time please make the characters' movements more realistic..