Reviews for "Dr. Shroud in: BITB Pt. 2"

Alittle Trivia

This is a fantastic series and one of the darker entries on newgrounds. finally some new stuff as well, long overdue (Six months).

anyway here's alittle trivia for those who aren't "in the Know"

at the beginning the mother is watching a television program called "The Land Beyond the Forest" which literally translates to:


great stuff

robfeldman responds:

Nice catch---that little tv thing has more to do with it than meets the eye.....

Love this series!

I enjoyed the first one immensely when it came out a while ago and now I've enjoyed this one just as much. I love the noir feel, and the total pulp action comic thing you've got going on. Keep up the fantastic work and I'll be waiting for the third installment.

Quite good!

I thought it was quite good. I will say it was a little long for me (my attention span is quite short unless they are hugely action packed (which this one got a little slow at times). I also didn't like any of the music. It was really annoying. But your drawings were fantastic! And I thought the storyline and the voice overs were excellent!

I would suggest upping the frame rate from what I think was 12fps to maybe 16 - even 18fps. It just runs way smoother. Also, I would suggest, when you do tween the camera, to give the movement an ease in and ease out. It makes changing directions look much smoother, instead of just moving straight to the next position. Otherwise, great job!


robfeldman responds:

I had considered the frame rate change to smoothe it out, but I thought that it would not be consistent with the look of the other work I've done and that it would lose the comic book feel...oh well, maybe the future. :) Thanks for the comments and score.


This is a real cliffhanger! Good job!

interesting to say the least....

Captivating and entertaining, this one is worth watching just for the sheer suspense of the next episode. If the original graphics dont hook you in and your not a fan of thrillers then maybe not for you. Nicely crafted all the same