Reviews for "Dr. Shroud in: BITB Pt. 2"

Did anyone notice....

Did you the person who this lovley piece or any one else notice that the main charater looks alot like Gordan Freeman from Half-Life?-But any way this was not one of the best but still good.


I really loved the graphics and the style, although some of the animation lacked "easing" which would have gave it much more realism.
The story was quite slow and I couldn't really get into it, but obviously I haven't seen all the series so I can't judge fairly.
I voted teh 4.
Nice Job, I'll be watching your other submissions. :)


man, you totaly deserve your own tv show. your series is a million times more entertaining than the garbage they air on tv these days. i wished that episode would never end, i cant get enough of the style.

Good Movie

This was great, great drawings, very realistic. However, sound was a bit screechy. Their walking didnt seem right neighter, other than that, I didn't see anything wrong.

A fucking great movie man ;D

This was a really great movie ;D keep up the very good work :D cant wait for the third movie ...