Reviews for "Dr. Shroud in: BITB Pt. 2"


That was the best show yet.Keep it up

" Shroud Rules Again "

Once again , I am not let down by an episode of Dr. Shroud.

The story is excellent and compelling......great stuff ! !

Your use of color and style are very original...the whole production is just awesome.

I thought that the music and voice acting were once again also superlative .....Five Star performances ! ! ! ! !

It's great to see the " mystery " of Dr. Shroud unfold.....what lies next ????

George Sittler


nice way of continuing the series, while
showing more depth into dr. shrouds past
with very nifty flash back scenes in old,
grainy, film footage. story is well thought
out and the visual art solid, animation
simplistic in character movement, but
understandable for file size and speed.
score: ***

like the last guy said

I love the cheesy greenblack 50's horror effect. Like watching a true classic

Magnus Opum

stupìd, dumb, gay and totally incomprihensible. In other words fucking brilliant.