Reviews for "Zelda II - Palace"

Its growing on me.

The beginning is a bit cheesy, I like the intro to the song though. First time I listened to this one I didnt like it much, but after a couple of times it getting played more and more. All in all, good job.

Stage3-1 responds:

Yeah, the itro lost it's dynamics completely when it was mastered. I'm glad you enjoy the rest of it. Thanks.

Pretty decent

I think the rain is a BIT overplayed in the intro, and the wind sounds a little cheesy to me. However, the larger problem is that they completely disappear once the melody starts, which sounds kinda sloppy in my opinion. You should have them still go on softly in the background. i know it's not a whole lot of good to say that now, but the next time you put in ambient sounds, make sure you don't neglect them.

This is some good playing, but this desperately could use a rockin' solo in there for some extra kick and flavor. Something to really make us jam during the song. The other instruments did their job well, and this is well-put together, but it stops JUST short of the extra mile to complete badassery.

I know people don't quite like critical reviews, but there is in this song a foundation to make some quite kick-ass tracks, and with a little polish, I think you'll hit that in no time.

Stage3-1 responds:

I know what you mean. Unfortunately when the songs were mastered they lost a lot of their dynamic, which really mucked up the intro. I actually tried letting the ambient sounds play through a portion of the song but it ended up being too thick and layered, and too me it sounded better fading them out.

I know what you mean with the solo as well, a bunch of people suggested I put one in. The problem was, I did the drums from the songs about 2 years before I recorded the instruments. So by the time these ideas came to I would have had to re-do the drums, and I'm too lazy, haha. If you listened to this song on the album, it fits better.

Critical reviews are what it's all about.


I was really suprised, i didn't think this would work in a heavy setting, but i was dead wrong, this is awesome, Good job.

Stage3-1 responds:

Thanks for the review.


A nice heavy rendition. Nice, very enjoyable.

Stage3-1 responds:

Thank you.