Reviews for "Zelda II - Palace"

Other Than The Start

I agree with Xoe. The beginning 30 seconds aren't really that great, which is the only reason why this wouldn't get a 10. If you were to cut out those 30 seconds, it would be great.

But nonetheless, it's quite well done.



Stage3-1 responds:

Yeah, I can't cut it out now. Like I said, the dynamics.... Ahh whatever haha. Thanks for the review.


The beginning sound kinda turned me off, but the rest was awesome!!! :D

Stage3-1 responds:

Yeah. When it mastered it kind of lost the dynamics I was going for :( Thanks for the review.

Whuhaha Awesome!

A Guitar-Version of this pretty Track.... Very nice! :D

Stage3-1 responds:


great game

one of the best games of all time...well, for its time. even now its stil badass

Stage3-1 responds:

Oh, definitely. New games are good, in a different way, but the classics are classics for a reason.

what an epic song

holy what a epic song man im giveing all my 10 to this!

Stage3-1 responds:

Thanks man.