Reviews for "Zelda II - Palace"

Awesome Job

Awesome remix. I've listened to several of your songs here on Newgrounds. This is one of my favorites. Well done. This would be awesome in a Zelda flash movie if the flash could work around the dynamics pauses of the solo's and breaks in the music.

But I can't give it a 10, as my heart is drawn to a certain techno version already that has a 12/10 in my book. There was room for more, but it was a great listen.

So 9/10

Great job though.

Stage3-1 responds:

Hahaha thanks. I'm also a sucker for techno remixes.

do not exaggerate the sound

is one of the many musicians who added to favorites zelda, this is not one of the best, but still I like, mainly the end

Stage3-1 responds:



10 * from me buddy. Remember dat or you will -die-....
Nah just kidding ... or am i?
Now for the review!
I like the begining it gives a nice atmosphere,and this would be nice to put in a flash. To bad im not creating flashes :P
The fast drums is also a nice touch + the mini solos. Guitar is very nice to.
As the ending it sounds like ''its over...''
Starts again Omg next temple ! XD
EXTRA BONUS : (+ 0.0020) from me =D
10/10 5/5 = awesome dude.
Take care and have a nice day *caugh life caugh*
Cya! :D

Stage3-1 responds:

Very good review. After reading it I think you should make flashes and use all my songs ;)

Too good

Honestly this is the best remix of what is the best theme on Zelda 2 in the Palace theme i have ever heard,the buildup was fantastic and the rockin style it had was awesome and is definitely some get up n' go music,you never cease to amaze me with you video game remix songs 3-1,keep up the great work. =D

Stage3-1 responds:

Thanks! For this review I shall upload a new song today.

Good at all

The begin was lame but then BOOM!!!!

Stage3-1 responds:

See below. Haha. Thanks for the review.