Reviews for "Green Lights"


Truly amazing. This incredible flash should be featured on tv! I loved this. Its going right next to Numa Numa Dance on my favorites!
P.S: By that I mean its almost better then Numa.

Great work =P


This was really good in terms of animation, character design & storyboarding, but I have no idea what the song was supposed to be about since most of it is in another language. Could you possibly also add English subtitles alongside the Chinese (?) ones, so that the song will be translated? Even if the translation isn't that great, it'll be far better than nothing.


wow.. you're friend sure is good!! that graphics was great and so was the sound.. and that floating green globe was so cute!! i just wanna ask.. did she use a windows sound to accompany the necklace appearing in the end of the video?? also.. i couldn't give it a 10 because she didn't credit the source of the song..

Wow, cool MV

Really like the art and animation, music isn't my usual prefered style, but that didn't matter much, this was stll cool. Good luck to the author in future projects!

Engalish pleaaassee......

good sound and all, just next time maybe add some english subtiles, or something. Not to say much, but it kinda suxs when u can't understand it. Catchy song, even thoguh i didn't know what it meant. It'll get stuck my head all day. Good job over all