Reviews for "Green Lights"

it has a great uplifting beat to it!!

though i didnt understand most of it... and i felt it would have been a stronger piece without english .... i still loved it it had a great uplifting beat to it and melody you did a wonderful job and the graphics were really good!!! cant wait to see how you improve over time... so keep on submitting!!!

i also gave you all 10's even though some of the catagories didnt apply

Incredible animation

I loved the whole thing. I have no idea what the song was or what it meant, but it was cool as hell. The dancing animation was amazingly smooth. Tell your friend she did an incredible job!


Very nicely done. The overall status of this is awesome. It's even better then the music video. (im serious) Sherri Lee did an amazing animation that combined gloss, entertainment, and class. It is very well done. Having that type of patience and skill takes an enormous amount of time. It should make #1 on the best flash animation of all time. I would highly reccomend making similar types of this in the future. I hope this isn't the last of Sherri Lee's wonderful and amazing work. Keep this up and Sherri will be the overall best flash animator of all time.

'oly carp!

I've never heard anyone sing both english and chinese so well!

*ahem* anyway, that was great! Tell your friend that she's awesome!!!