Reviews for "Green Lights"

PRetty nice Music Video

I can not say anything bad about this but that I would have like for it to be subed so I understood the song XD.
Very good work in the animation, amazing n_n.


props to your friend it was great


Tell your friend that she really knows how to make good flash. I didn't understand anything of the lyrics, except the english parts, but it didn't really matter, cause I was too busy looking at the amazing graphic, and the total cool way to show the music video. She could be a Director or something.

Oh yea, and I want to thanks you or something, because some people would just upload that music video, and tell everybody that he/she made it, and not that it was the friend who actually made it, and for as good a movie as that one, it could happen easily. so it's good you're not some asshole like Chad.

She should really do some more animation, cause she's REALLY good

I loved it.

The animation was awesome. Tell your friend that she did a kick-a$$ job of animating this. I'm also interested in what song this is. I did a search for Green Lights, but I didn't get anything worth looking deeper into. I'm not sure if my search engine missed something or if it's titled differently.


Very well done with the animations. Not only it flows smoothly, it was also an interesting video to watch. The flying pyramid reminds me of the alien ships in Stargate SG-1 hehe, which are very awesome.

The song is very good, pleasant to the ear. It's even better that I can understand the lyrics :D